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These sound systems are acoustic all-rounders. Passive and 'Self Powered' variants with integrated amplifier electronics. Durable, flexible and always reliable. Proven solutions for the highest requirements.

E 90 MK II

K&F E 90 MK II

Concentrated forces

The E 90 MK II is a 2-way passive speaker whose high-performance column speaker design makes it especially suitable for transmission in rooms with difficult acoustics. Column speakers are characterised by a concentration of vertical beam levels. The E 90 MK II already has this effect from 500 Hz, thereby noticeably reducing the reflections from the ceiling and floor. The lean design and technical properties of the system are extremely well-suited for acoustics in churches, lecture halls, sports and multi-purpose halls, community halls and conference rooms. The key difference to conventional point sources is immediately noticeable and impressive. Room acoustic challenges met masterfully!

Aesthetic clarity

The E 90 MK II is suitable for speech and music transmission and provide impressive sound in both low and high-impedance systems. If needed, the K&F subwoofers of the SONA and NOMOS series provide support in the low-frequency range. The system is optically integrated into both historical buildings and also modern glass and concrete architecture. The timeless design particularly appeals to users and architects due to the lean column form and the curved front panel. Looks good, sounds good!

Product overview

E 90 MK II: 4 x 5″/1 x 1″ 100° x 20° (H x V) low frequency
70° x 70° (H x V) high frequency



K&F E 90 MK II


Adjustable speaker mount E 90 MK II
including 2 hand wheels M6 for direct installation and for adjustable speaker mount
Colour: RAL 9005 (black) or RAL special colour
Stand adapter M6
including 2 hand wheels M6 for direct installation and for adjustable speaker mount
Colour: black
TV spigot adapter M6
for direct installation, including 2 hand wheels M6
Colour: nicke plated
Pipe clamp for TV Spigot
fits on 35 to 50 mm tube, loadable 50 kg max.
Colour: black
TV spigot 20 mm
with M10 threaded pin, for TV spigot adapter M8 and adjustable speaker mount
Colour: chrome
Super clamp
for plates or tubes 13 to 50 mm, loadable to 15 kg, with M10 threaded pin ´for installation with adjustable speaker mount
Colour: black
U-mount wall/ceiling brackets E 90 MK II
including screws M6 and neoprene washers
Colour: RAL 9005 (black), RAL 9010 (white) or RAL special colour
M6 x 15 Eyebolt
Colour: black