All systems of the K&F pro.INSTALL range are the first choice when it comes to optimum installation speakers. The housing design fits elegantly and unobtrusively, and integrates seamlessly, into any room. Acoustically, the pro.INSTALL systems are designed as full-range speakers and even impress critical ears. To extend the low frequency range, ideally matching subwoofer systems are available. The subtle, integrated rear mounting bracket is included in the delivery. The standard coating is available in black and white. Other special RAL colours are also available at any time on request. K&F pro.INSTALL - remarkably conceived!

All pro.INSTALL products impress with their high processing and playback quality. The universal use option as main, surround or background sound is proven worldwide in many areas, and is offered in all areas as the perfect sound solution. Whether mounting is vertical or horizontal, a targeted and configurable dispersion pattern in the high-frequency range makes adjustments easy. This also guarantees speech and syllable intelligibility over large distances and in acoustically difficult environments. All in all - K&F pro.INSTALL are the ideal sound systems for acoustically and visually impressive room integration.



With the K&F SPECTRA 212i, KLING & FREITAG expands the existing SPECTRA 212 line with a versatile installation model. Created specifically for wall and ceiling mounting, accessories further augment K&F SPECTRA 212i’s versatility, allowing it to be precisely aligned to all listening planes, either singly or in cluster.

As with all the models in the SPECTRA series, the K&F SPECTRA 212i includes the patented VariQ unit, enabling easy conversion from point to line source. The two different radiation characteristics N (60° x 30°) and XW (120° x 30°) enable an exact adaptation to the local conditions. K&F SPECTRA 212i lends itself to integration within architecturally demanding environments, or placed more prominently, bringing forward its unique visual profile. Besides the standard black colour, K&F SPECTRA 212i is available in all colors within the RAL palette on request.

Find out more about the K&F SPECTRA 212 here.



  • Convertible Line Array Speaker
  • Compact three-way, high-performance top with patented VariQ Technology
  • Flexible useable as Line- and Point-Source
  • High directivity and pattern control
  • High output (138 dB) at low weight (48 kg)
  • Operation with K&F SystemAmps
  • US Patent 10,721,553


Passive 3-way system, 2-way active processed, LF bass reflex, MF Closed, HF waveformer horn loaded
Operation with
K&F PLM+ Series, K&F D Series (recommended), K&F SystemRack (supported)
Frequency Response ±10 dB
56 Hz – 20 kHz (Full Range)
83 Hz – 20 kHz (Low Cut)
Frequency Response ±3 dB
65 Hz – 18 kHz (Full Range)
125 Hz – 18 kHz (Low Cut)
Nominal Coverage Angle (H x V)
30° x 120° (Line Source)
120° x +5°/-25° (Point Source)
Convertible trough rotation of the VariQ unit
Nominal Power Handling
2 x 500 W
Program Power Handling
2 x 1000 W
Peak Power Handling
2 x 2000 W
Maximum SPL
(Peak @ max. 10% THD)
138 dB SPL (Point Source)
140 dB SPL (1 x Line Source (30°))
142 dB SPL (2 x Line Source (60°))
143 dB SPL (3 x Line Source (90°))
144 dB SPL (4 x Line Source (120°))
Nominal Impedance
2 x 8 Ω
2 recommended, max. 3 per channel
2 x 12“ LF, 6 x 5“ MF, 4 x 1“ HF
2 x speakON® 4-pol NLT4MP (1+/1- LF/HF, 2+/2- MF)
Frame-reinforced 15mm Multiplex enclosure with 30° angle for ideal cluster setups with highly resistant Polyurea synthetic coating in black, convertible between line source and point source through rotation of integrated VariQ unit, 40 M8 mounting points for dedicated accessories, ball proof steel grille with acoustic foam behind the grille.
Dimensions (W x H x D)
460 x 800 x 460 mm
48 kg
RAL 9005 (black)
RAL special colour upon request