1000 K&F VIDA in production

This week the 1000th VIDA left our production line and we couldn’t be prouder! Since its introduction, VIDA L has undoubtedly been Kling & Freitag’s technological flagship and the best sounding beam steering system on the market. Especially with regard to coverage, sound quality, speech intelligibility and, last but not least, operational reliability, VIDA sets standards. It is not without reason that VIDA L has become indispensable in houses such as the “Elbphilharmonie” in Hamburg or the “Chinese National Opera” in Beijing, where it exceeds all expectations.

“I am really proud of my whole team when I see that we are now delivering the 1000th VIDA,” says Jürgen Freitag, CEO and Founder of K&F. “When we started development, a lot of what we had in mind seemed unlikely to be realised. Heads were spinning until we got it right, but when the first VIDA L was ready and we saw what this system can do, we knew that it was all worth the effort. I thank all our customers, specialist planners and business partners for the fact that we were allowed to build 1000 units and don´t worry, we won´t stop! Let’s get on with it and build the next 1000!”

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