AMBISONIC AB takes over Kling & Freitag sales in Sweden

The well-known AV partner AMBISONIC AB provides comprehensive and professional consulting, sales and personnel contracting services for tour productions, broadcasts and post-production. The company also focuses on the sale of professional audio equipment.

Joseph Persson, CEO of AMBISONIC AB says the following about the new premium loudspeaker brand at his company: “Ambisonic is always striving to find products that we know can help our customers achieve a result that surpasses their expectations. We are convinced that Kling & Freitag will help us do exactly that. Now having the privilege to offer customers Kling & Freitag products and solutions feels truly amazing. Kling & Freitag SystemAmp integration with Lab.gruppen and Lake processing also gives us a platform built-to-last whether it is touring or installation.” Persson continues: “After listening and testing the products and meeting the people behind Kling & Freitag, we know that there really is PASSION built in. These are not empty words – and we are convinced our customers will see this to.”

Jürgen Freitag, CEO of K&F, is enthusiastic about the new cooperation with Ambisonic. “Ambisonic is a young and energetic company that has exactly the right balance between empathy and professionalism in the AV market in Sweden. This is exactly what it needs in order to raise a good deal more awareness of a brand like Kling & Freitag.”

Foto: Left: David Gunnardo, Sales Support, Right: Joseph Persson, CEO

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