Ashen White Audio Visual Executives invests in SEQUENZA 10 from Kling & Freitag

Ashen White Audio Visual Executives, located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada has recently invested in a SEQUENZA 10 line array system from the German manufacturer Kling & Freitag.

Ashen White AVE, incorporated in 1988, and was initially formed as sound and lighting contractor for the Southern Ontario market. Over the past 25 years, Ashen White AVE has grown to be one of the premier full service AV companies in Ontario.

The recent purchase of a new K&F SEQUENZA 10 system has enabled Ashen White AVE to service their ever expanding client base while easily surpassing the rigorous technical requirements of today’s complex and competitive audio industry.

The new system purchased by Ashen White AVE consists of 24 SEQUENZA 10 N/W full-range elements, 8 SEQUENZA 10B flown low-frequency elements and 12 NOMOS XLC cardioid 3×18” sub-woofers, all driven by the K&F integrated system racks using Lab-Gruppen FP10000Q amplification. Ashen White AVE has also purchased a complement of 8 SCENA 15 low-profile stage monitors with additional system racks to drive the new monitor package.

The new PA system has been generating a great deal of interest in the K&F product line. With a smaller footprint, light power-to-weight ratios, outstanding sound texture and high SPL rating, the SEQUENZA 10 system is the new benchmark for the audio industry.

The Ashen White AVE team is extremely pleased with the new system: “…smaller trucks, fast set ups, quick tear downs, ease of use and amazing sound ….” These are some of the comments from Warren Potter – audio engineer at Ashen White AVE.

Ken Boyd and Eugene Narvali, principals of Ashen White AVE, are very pleased with the Sequenza 10 system experience: “From the very beginning we recognized the added value of the K&F SEQUENZA 10 system for our company. Considering the amount of savings we are able to generate for our customers due to the faster set-up & strike times, along with reduced transportation costs, the decision was pretty ease to make”.

Vaino Gennaro (Sennheiser Canada) is impressed with the great job Ashen White AVE has been doing with the SEQUENZA 10 system. “K&F is looking to build a strong network of high-end audio providers in Canada and Ashen White AVE provided the perfect fit as a first partner on the SEQUENZA 10 select network”. Richard Hagan, Sennheiser Canada sales representative added “Ashen White AVE has worked closely with Kling & Freitag and Sennheiser Canada to operate the system according to the highest standards of premium German engineering. Outstanding results, excellent job guys!”

“Ashen White AVE will be increasing our K&F rental inventory to accommodate the ever increasing requirements of our customers” stated Eugene Narvali. “This is just the beginning of a great success story!”

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