“Central Opera House” of the Chinese National Opera in Beijing

The newly built “Central Opera House” of the Chinese National Opera in Beijing is already one of the most influential opera houses in the Asia Pacific Region, representing the highes level of chinas performing arts. With its over 1600 seats, this impressive venue is designed to meet the needs of large-scale opera and ballet-productions. We´re very proud that the team at the opera house chose our VIDA-System as their main PA after an extensive shootout and listening session with all major speaker brands. As we´ve been told, it´s not only the smart looks of the only 21cm wide speaker that integrates seemlessly with the architecture. The main reason was the studio-like sound quality that impressed everyone in the listening session. We´re honored, proud and thankful that our partner Shanghai MYC is such a strong member of the K&F family and does juch a great job for us in China! It´s projects like this fantastic venue that remind us of why we put so much effort in making our speakers sound just a bit better every day.

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