The K&F System Amp Family

This is our complete lineup of K&F system amplification. The latest addition to the family is the K&F IPX Series, which is based on LAB-Gruppen IPX with some added features and full compatibility with our speaker library. IPX has more than enough power for most of our systems. It´s the perfect addition to our D- and PLM-Series if you neet a smart, cost effective Amplifier without the full featureset of our bigger amps. If you want to have a full blown powerhouse with LAKE-Processing, DANTE and 4 Channels, we´re pretty sure that you´re gonna find exactly the right Amp in our lineup of PLM- and D-Series! Starting from IPX up to the immense power of D200:4 or PLM20K44 we´re offering a wide range of solutions for every need.

If you want to integrate our speakers into an existing system like Q-SYS etc., don´t hesitate to get in touch, we´re also gonna find a solution in our K&F CUSTOM SOLUTIONS department.

If you´re interested in our System Amps, feel free to get in touch. We´re more than happy to help.

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