Exposive fills Hannover 96 ascension party with sound reinforcement using Kling & Freitag

On Sunday, 21.05.2017, after the match against the FC Sandhausen, it was finally clear that after one year Hannover 96 would be back in Germany’s 1st federal league. This event was celebrated fittingly yesterday with the entry into the golden book of the City of Hanover and 40,000 fans in front of Hanover’s town hall. The company exposive medien gruppe received an order at short notice for the event support, including the sound reinforcement and stage technology. In terms of sound engineering, exposive has exclusively used products from Kling & Freitag for many years, which is not only due to local proximity to the manufacturer K&F in Hanover, but mainly because of the high audio and processing quality.

For the ascension party, a stage measuring 10 x 12 m was set up in front of the new town hall. The stadium TV from Hanover had broadcast live images over video walls so that all fans on the forecourt could also experience the moving moments. This is where the K&F SEQUENZA 10 line arrays and K&F PLM+ system amps were used. A delay tower with SEQUENZA 5 was set up at short notice to include the many fans on the other side of the road. Particularly challenging was that the stage had to be lowered during the celebration to give the fans a clear view of the town hall balcony for the team’s welcome. So, after the performance by the band “The Jetlags”, the entire roof was lowered and there were loud cheers for the team. Following extensive football songs, the roof was raised again and the internationally known local heroes and 96 fans “Fury in the Slaughterhouse” got the audience going again.

The entire team of Kling & Freitag congratulates Hannover 96 on their reascension to Germany’s 1st federal league and is looking forward to first-class matches with first-class sound over the stadium with SEQUENZA 10 and SEQUENZA 5.

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