K&F SEQUENZA 5 Test Production Partner 9/2013 – Special Reprint

“The Sequenza 5 is Kling & Freitag’s second line array system in the Sequenza range, and as its name suggests, the main mid/high-frequency units feature five-inch bass drivers. Apparently, one of the manufacturer’s aims was to create a line array unit with a ‘compact form factor’ – that is, something long and slender – which would allow the construction of physically engthy arrays with just a few units. K&F envisage the Sequenza 5 being used as a short- or mid-range PA at public gatherings such as corporate or gala events or concerts in small-to-medium halls, where the emphasis needs to be on high audio quality in an unobtrusive package.

Additionally, the Sequenza 5 units may be used as fill-ins for the larger Sequenza 10 system, and if higher bass levels are needed, the Sequenza 5 W mid/high-frequency units can be used in conjunction with the associated Sequenza 5 B sub-bass modules. Slender line arrays such as this one are also ideal for use in many different applications in the installation market, ranging from larger conference and multi-purpose rooms to theatres and concert halls.” …

Extract: Production Partner 09/2013
Text: Anselm Görtz.
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