K&F with a new measuring room

While moving a large part of our operation to a new building literaly just a stone´s throw away from our Headquarters, we´ve built a new reference measuring room for our QC and R&D Teams. As we measure every single Speaker we build to maintain our high standards, we´ve decided to not go for the typical 2x2m wooden box that tends to create small issues within the measurement that have to be corrected in the computer afterwards. We decided to go the extra mile and build a room with more than 35m² floor space that´s covered with melamine-absorbers between 30cm and 90cm thick to realy have almost no response from the room itself. This allows us, to see every detail in the impulse response of the speaker without having to quess if it´s the room that we´re seeing there or not. We´re pretty sure, that our speaker´s have already been top notch, but now we´re able to even take it a step further.

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