Kling & Freitag Americas launches to handle North American distribution of Kling & Freitag

Kling & Freitag Americas Inc., a brand new distribution company based in Montreal, Canada, is delighted to celebrate its launch with the announcement that they are to take on exclusive distribution rights for premium German loudspeaker brand, Kling & Freitag, throughout Canada, the USA and Mexico with effect from April 1, 2015.

The company was founded by Vaino Gennaro, formerly of Sennheiser Canada where he was in charge of Kling & Freitag distribution, and Susanne Seidel who has held top management roles within a number of technology-driven corporations, including Sennheiser and DPA. Gennaro will occupy the role of General Manager with Seidel providing support in marketing and operations.

Together, Gennaro and Seidel represent many years of audio expertise and international business management in addition to Gennaro’s specific and wide-ranging knowledge of the brand and the market. The new operation is designed to optimise market reach, customer support and technical services.

According to Gennaro, the timing was right for the new venture. “We had reached the limits of what was possible with our former distributor, who has served the brand well for many years in Canada. I am looking forward to providing renewed focus and impetus to our operations and expanding the reach of Kling & Freitag speaker solutions beyond Canadian borders to the US and Mexico.”

Kling & Freitag CEO, Jürgen Freitag, is equally pleased. “Vaino and Susanne are the perfect combination to develop the brand throughout North America and Mexico,” he remarked. “Vaino has effectively been our Canadian distributor for the last eleven years – he was in charge of audio design for a number of major projects as well as running the sales operation. Susanne is a highly experienced corporate business manager whose global marketing expertise will be the ideal support for Vaino’s day-to-day operations. Kling & Freitag Americas Inc. will provide the framework for them both to take Kling & Freitag business development to the next level in these territories.”

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