With the K&F SPECTRA 212i, KLING & FREITAG expands the existing SPECTRA 212 line with a versatile installation model. Created specifically for wall and ceiling mounting, accessories further augment K&F SPECTRA 212i’s versatility, allowing it to be precisely aligned to all listening planes, either singly or in cluster.

As with all the models in the SPECTRA series, the K&F SPECTRA 212i includes the VariQ unit, enabling easy conversion from point to line source. K&F SPECTRA 212i lends itself to integration within architecturally demanding environments, or placed more prominently, bringing forward its unique visual profile. Offered in black and white, K&F SPECTRA 212i is available in all colors within the RAL palette on request.

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versatile speaker + smart accessories

SPECTRA 212i Wall Mount

SPECTRA 212i Fly Bar

SPECTRA 212i U-Bracket (for Wall/Ceiling Mounting)

SPECTRA 212i Tiltable U-Bracket

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