In time for the Prolight + Sound 2018 we proudly present our novelties to you. Trend-setting, innovative concepts and an uncompromising development make these procducts special. One thing always comes first with Kling & Freitag: an unforgettable listening experience.

The highlights of this year include the all-new high-performance top K&F SPECTRA 212 featuring the unique VariQ-system, wich offers you outstanding flexibility in use, as well as the compact column-speaker K&F VIDA M, the new members of the successful K&F VIDA series. We also bring you a new Lake DSP system amplifier, K&F PLM 5k44 and the compact and powerful stage monitor K&F SCENA 12.

Each of our novelties features unique Kling & Freitag innovations. „Future built in.“


The K&F SPECTRA 212 is a compact, three-way, high-performance top that provides very high performance with the best possible dispersion in a compact form factor. Thanks to the integrated K&F VariQ technology, the K&F SPECTRA 212 can be used as a point source as well as in a cluster as a line source. To this end, the patented K&F VariQ unit is rotated 90° in just a few steps to switch between point source and line source operation.


The K&F VIDA M expands our portfolio by a particularly small installation speaker in four fixed sizes. With their decent looks, they blend in in any environment. The water resistant construction and expanded temperature tolerance make it suitable for outdoor use. All that while sounding bigger than they actually are!


K&F SCENA provide extremely precise feedback to the musician and thus form the basis for a concert of high quality. K&F SCENA 12 can also be used with linear poweramps and is therefore even more flexible and cost effective. It is the perfect choice in confined spaces and delites with its big sound contrary to its particular small measurements.

K&F PLM 5K44

The power amps, which are designed for both live performances and touring, come with special Kling & Freitag module presets, exclusively for K&F loudspeaker systems. The new K&F PLM 5K44 with an Overall Output power of 1250 W provides a cost-efficient entry to this series.

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