M.A. Systems sonicate Easter lights in Kalkriese

Visitors to the Easter lights in Kalkriese enjoyed top-class fireworks. In a unique show of fire, light, laser and pyrotechnics, the museum park turned into the stage for a story about the land of the Pharaohs. The impressive high fireworks effects lit up the sky above in precise and perfect coordination. The staging was accentuated by known musical compositions from films such as ‘The Mummy’ or ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. “I was also oriented towards films such as Tron,” revealed Klaus Freyer, business partner of Markus Katterle at the company Flash Art. They have been creating the ideas since the beginning of the Easter lights in 2000. One highlight was the great show pyramid. With a side length of 23 metres, it symbolised the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt at a scale of 1:10. Again and again columns of fire darted up from the truss construction into the sky, and sparkling rockets shot up into the air. The director of the museum park, Dr. Joseph Rottmann, was pleased with the successful event, which was accompanied by early summery Easter weather: “Brilliant fireworks. The Easter lights lured a good 10,000 visitors to Kalkriese.”

The Bielefeld pyrotechnics specialists from Flash Art cooperated with the company MA Systems from Hilter to create the light spectacle on the ancient battlefield in Kalkriese. They managed the light and music system with a 13-strong team. M.A. Systems used loudspeakers exclusively from Kling & Freitag. 12 SEQUENZA 10 elements were positioned both to the left and right of the pyramid structure, and they were supported by a SEQUENZA 5 nearby,” says Ralf Mechelhoff, technical manager at MA Systems. Another 12 NOMOS XLC cardioid basses were used on the ground, covering the necessary low frequency range. All loudspeakers were operated over K&F SystemRacks.

At exactly 21.22, Freyer started the programmed time code on the computer for the tenth multi-light show in Kalkriese. Everything that is currently available to pyrotechnics was probably used at the premises on Easter Sunday – comets and LEDs, pots au feu and fountains plus 2,500 pyrotechnic bombs created a brilliant illumination of the entire site.

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