MDS PAtec and Jugl invests in PASSIO

The K&F PASSIO was developed in cooperation with Neumann & Müller and has already won the design prize ‘Focus in Silber’ and the ‘German Design Award – Special Mention 2014’. As a successor to the industry standard K&F CA 106, particular value was placed on a discreet and elegant design. At 5.2 kg, the PASSIO is especially light, has a more modern sound and, thanks to the D’Appolito arrangement, has significantly further reach.

MDS PAtec Veranstaltungstechnik from Munich has further invested in PASSIO and has now introduced 80 units to their rental stock. “The PASSIO is a good speaker, which pays off fast. The PASSIO also works very well in dry hire with a lot of small speakers”, said Robert Vogel, director of MDS PAtec. The company Jugl Veranstaltungstechnik e.K., which is based in Ludwigsburg and Zwickau, has purchased 30 PASSIO units as a first step in order to run the range of events of the Leipzig trade fair, among other things.

“In the medium term, PASSIO will become the new standard and successor to the well-known CA 106. In addition to Neumann & Müller, who have already had a large number of PASSIO units in their stock since the market launch, another rental company has opted for these versatile, small speakers so that they can offer their customers with high-quality sound”, said Lars Heinrich. Head of Sales and Marketing at Kling & Freitag.

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