The “Chongquing – 1949 Grand Theater”

The “Chongquing – 1949 Grand Theater” is one of the largest indoor theatres in the world and has been one of our most interesting projects in 2021 together with our great partner Shanghai MYC. It´s also a great example for the wide variety of dispersion-characteristics of SPECTRA212, our first loudspeaker completely developed with Immersive-Sound in mind. With its 2 x 12”, 6 x 5” and 4 x 1” chassis it´s powerful enough to position a source really close to just one speaker and with the scalable design everything´s possible from one single speaker with 60° x 30° up to a full circle with 360° x 120°. That´s why SPECTRA 212 has been the weapon of choice for some of the worlds most impressive 3D Sound applications and we´re looking forward for many more to come in the next couple of years!

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