Touch and listen to the Kling & Freitag VIDA

The new Kling & Freitag VIDA L will be in focus at the Tonmeistertagung from 17 to 20 November at the Cologne Congress Centre North.

The 3-way coaxial line loudspeaker represents what is currently feasible with the DSP-controlled line arrays. At 1,075 millimetres long, there are 48 DSP channels and 48 class D power amplifiers for controlling the 32 high-frequency, 12 mid-range and 6 low-frequency units. This sophisticated design achieves extremely clean beam steering.

VIDA is designed as a fully modular system and can also be combined for an individual application as an array with up to 8 elements. The relevant system is configured over the VIDA app, which is available free-of-charge in the Microsoft Store. A further optional, useful feature includes the cardioid module, VIDA C, which is quickly and easily attached to the back of the VIDA L. The cardioid module is powered by the VIDA L and can be controlled with various presets. It is then possible to largely suppress the backward radiated sound energy in the low and middle range, for example. In contrast to conventional line arrays, this significantly reduces the feedback tendency of the overall system.

Via the inputs ‘Analog’, ‘AES3’ and ‘Dante’, VIDA offers all the possibilities of a redundant controller. Using the VIDA app, beam steering can be adapted to the desired audience area in real time.

In addition to the possibility of electronically aligning the vertical radiation characteristics, the VIDA system can also be mechanically tilted forward to up to 90° using the proper accessories.

All these possibilities make the K&F VIDA system the most versatile and powerful controllable line array on the market. VIDA is perfect for both mobile and fixed installations. Visit us at Boulevard Stand B 20 and convince yourself during a private listening session on the forecourt of the Cologne Congress Centre North (Thursday to Saturday).

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