University Sports Centre using Kling & Freitag

At the beginning of the year, the University Sports Centre of Leibniz University Hanover refurbished its sports hall and renewed the public address system at the same time. In 2013, a new multifunctional building had already been built on the SportCAMPUS and equipped with Kling & Freitag CA 1215. Particularly impressive is the climbing area KletterCAMPUS, which is situated at the entrance and rises 450m2 with 80 different routes. The building also houses CAMPUSFit, a modern fitness studio with a sauna, dance room, small exercise hall and a martial arts hall for combat sports.


Kai Luiking, technical assistant at the University Sports Centre, has been using loudspeakers from Kling & Freitag for years. “We are gradually implementing new sound reinforcement technology in our existing halls because the demands are constantly increasing, especially in the fitness area, and we have a high degree of utilisation in the halls and need reliable technology”. The second largest sports hall on the sports grounds in Hanover’s city centre, which was already built in the 1980s, has recently been renovated and equipped with air conditioning and new sound reinforcement. The four-point loudspeaker in the hall is designed for all types of use. A mixer with radio microphone, CD player and other inputs, such as AUX and USB, are available for playback. For the drive, a Lab.gruppen IPD 2400 was integrated with the appropriate presets from Kling & Freitag, which ensures the necessary operational safety. “The GRAVIS 12+ units are perfect for our use. They provide the required high level, are safe and durable, and the grilles are ball-proof, which was not the case with other loudspeakers. The loudspeakers often have to be aligned again when handballs hit them”, continues Luiking. The entire installation was carried out by medientechnik Hannover, which had already planned and installed some of the other systems.


“We are delighted that we can work with the Kling & Freitag systems, and the longevity and quality of the service and products have also enabled me to convince the purchasing department to invest more money”, concluded Kai Luiking.

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