All systems from the K&F pro.RENTAL range are designed for mobile use. Flexible, reliable and with professional fittings. Handles to make handling easier, and feet positioned where they are needed. The black coating is made of polyurea and is, therefore, more resilient than any other paint. Thought out mechanically and designed for long-term use. The pro.RENTAL series is distinguished acoustically by the best sound characteristics at maximum performance. The carefully selected neodymium chassis deliver optimum results and also meet the highest standards. K&F pro.RENTAL - impressive presentation!

All K&F pro.RENTAL systems can be easily combined with the K&F SystemAmps as a drive and control unit. For maximum performance and effective protection. The presets include the parameters for each loudspeaker in order to achieve an optimum result. This guarantees the user consistent and reproducible results of high quality with marked high system performance. All in all - K&F pro.RENTAL are the ideal sound systems for mobile use with unlimited possibilities.


K&F VariPoint

The intelligent loudspeaker mounting bracket

The K&F VariPoint is a mounting point with internal screw threads and a fitting bore. This allows the fitting of an M10 screw thread in installations or the installation of a ball locking bolt or a ball lifting lug, without tools, for quick setup and takedown. In this way, accessories can be mounted in seconds or the speaker can be fitted with an eye bolt in no time. Highly variable!

Always an advantage

The K&F VariPoint provides a key advantage in every situation. Regardless of whether it is to be fast and flexible for mobile use or for optimum and lasting room integration. For fixed installations, it also offers the economically attractive option of easily mounting the loudspeaker with commercially available screw threads. Well thought-through to the finest detail!