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The perfect loudspeaker series for elegant, architectural room integration and for mobile use. Sophisticatedly developed with all-round convincing sound characteristics, even in acoustically difficult environments.



All good things come in threes!

K&F SEQUENZA 5 is characterised by its ease-of-use, compact size and subtle appearance. Together with ‘SafeLock’, the fast and safe rigging system ‘Snap&Fly+’ saves time, personnel, and nerves, while cutting no corners in its safety. Sound for lifting up!

Best Connection

Three body variants allow the user to optimally respond to the different conditions on-site. With the K&F SEQUENZA 5 W system cases, the angle adjustments of the system can then be pre-selected on the ground, and the units lock automatically when lifted. Alternatively, the cases are tipped with three previously connected elements each, and are then connected from case to case before rigging. For smaller setups, such as with applications using the VariMount adapter or the downfill adapter SEQUENZA 10 to 5, the K&F SEQUENZA 5 elements can also be individually connected to each other. Get connected!

New sound dimensions

The K&F SEQUENZA 5 was designed to achieve the effective length for a line array with just a few elements. One of the many technical highlights is the use of the patented Waveformer from the K&F SEQUENZA 10, which is used here as a 100° x 15° version with more vertical coverage. It was thus possible to once again combine technology and design to create superior product advantages. K&F SEQUENZA 5 is not only an acoustically impressive system, but it is also sophisticated mechanically down to the finest detail. An absolute advantage!

Product overview

SEQUENZA 5 W: 4 x 5″/3 x 1″ 100° x 15° (H x V)
SEQUENZA 5 B: 1 x 12″ Omni