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The perfect loudspeaker series for elegant, architectural room integration and for mobile use. Sophisticatedly developed with all-round convincing sound characteristics, even in acoustically difficult environments.



Column Speaker 2.0

With our ground-breaking PIA M we have added a smart new column speaker to our portfolio. Within the development process we decided to completely rethink what is needed in acoustically demanding environments and how our approach could look like without thinking of what has been done before. We came up with some pretty interesting ideas.

One of everything, please …

What our Engineers came up with is a true jack of all trades. But let´s start with the obvious things. Of course, PIA M is designed to integrate seamlessly into demanding architecture. The design is simple, unobtrusive and yet timelessly beautiful. As a K&F family member it is needless to say that it sounds great. It is a 3-way-design with a passive crossover to be driven by only one channel of our K&F system amplifiers (PLM, D- and IPX-Series) and there are many smart mounting solutions for install- and rental-applications.

The LF-way is switchable between “Bass Reflex Mode” and “Cardioid Mode” to perfectly adapt to the application you use PIA M in. The mid-frequency-drivers are always cardioid to avoid spill to microphones. The HF-way consists of 4 x 0.75” compression drivers in a vertically adjustable horn-array that not just tilts up and down, its sophisticated mechanical design allows to splay the waveguides separately to maintain more energy to the back of the room while splaying them more towards the front of the listening area. That way it´s possible to get an equal level distribution throughout the whole audience without any compromise in mounting-position or -height.

With PIA M it is possible to really have the best solution for almost every application. The smart design makes it visually appealing for demanding architecture or high profile live events, the intelligent features like selectable cardioid or reflex tuned low frequency modes, cardioid midrange and adjustable high frequency dispersion makes it a perfect tool for acoustically demanding environments and its great sound and high speech intelligibility will make it the perfect tool for every audio engineer in critical spaces. K&F PIA M – the perfect tool for the job.

K&F PIA LFX: With this low frequency extension, PIA becomes a full-blown full-range system with all the bells and whistles, but offers the elegant, discreet look of a slim line-source speaker. The housing dimensions of the PIA LFX correspond exactly to those of a PIA M, so that both systems can be connected to form a long line in just a few simple steps. PIA LFX is equipped with six 4″ high-performance chassis in two separate volumes in order to be able to offer good low-frequency performance even at high levels. Of course, the accessories of the PIA M also fit the PIA LFX, so that nothing stands in the way of wall or truss mounting. In installation applications, long mixed line-systems consisting PIA M and PIA LFX can also be built without any problems. One channel of a K&F system power amplifier is required to operate PIA LFX.



  • 3-Way passive high power column speaker
  • adjustable tweeter array with adaptive J-shape (patent pending)
  • Throw distance up to 25 m or uniform coverage from 1 m onwards
  • coverage angle (h x v) 100° x (adjustable) 5° - 25°
  • Bass reflex mode for high bandwidth up to 85 Hz
  • Cardioid mode for wideband rear attenuation of >10 dB
  • maximum sound pressure level of 132 dB SPL
  • simple and elegant design


Passive 3-way system, 1-way active equalized
Frequency Response ±10 dB
85 Hz – 23 kHz Bassreflex FR Mode
93 Hz – 23 kHz Bassreflex LCut Mode
107 Hz – 23 kHz Cardioid FR Mode
116 Hz – 23 kHz Cardioid LCut Mode
Frequency Response ±3 dB
102 Hz – 22 kHz Bassreflex FR Mode
127 Hz – 22 kHz Bassreflex LCut Mode
145 Hz – 22 kHz Cardioid FR Mode
184 Hz – 22 kHz Cardioid LCut Mode
Nominal Coverage Angle (H x V)
100° x 5° - 25° (asymmetric, adjustable)
Nominal Power Handling
150 Watt
Program Power Handling
325 Watt
Peak Power Handling
650 Watt
Maximum SPL (Peak @ max. 10% THD)
132 dB SPL
Nominal Impedance
8 Ω
3 per channel
4 x 0.75“ Compression driver on vertically adjustable horn
2 x 4“ Mid-range driver in cardioid chamber
4 x 4“ low-frequency driver in adjustable bass-reflex/cardioid chamber
speakON NL4 (1+/1-) // Phoenix connector
Birch multiplex with highly resistant finish in RAL 9005 (black) or RAL 9010 (white), 2x M10 thread inserts on base and lid for attaching tripod adapters, TV spigot or recessed mounting bracket for wall mounting, 4x M10 thread inserts on the back of the cabinet for mounting clamp adapters, rear recessed speakON and Phoenix connector, opaque steel grille with black acoustic foam, adjustable tweeter array, switchable bass reflex or cardioid tuning
Dimensions (W x H x D)
139 x 1196 x 168 mm
12.2 kg
RAL 9005 (black)
RAL 9010 (white)
RAL special colour
'100 V' 50/100/150 VA toroidal transformer
Wall bracket set