Humboldtforum Berlin

The Humboldt Forum sets out to generate a public debate appropriate to the multi-layered relationships between Germany and the rest of the world. Using a wide range of perspectives, rhetorical points of view and narrative forms, it is designed to do justice to the diversity and values of world cultures. For this to work, the key driving forces here are inquisitive curiosity in place of prejudice and clarity in place of ideology. Part of this concept includes acknowledging the siteís own history. From its early days as the residence of the Hohenzollern through to the Palace of the Republic, the events that give this place its historical charge will be brought to life for visitors by a presentation organised by the Berlin Palace-Humboldtforum Foundation.

The Humboldt Forum’s wealth of resources provides the essential prerequisites for a dialogue with the world. In a close collaboration of academia and art in the broadest and most accessible sense, three users of the building will be operating together: the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, the Humboldt University Berlin and the Federal State of Berlin.

The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation will exhibit the unique non-European collections of its National Museums in Berlin on the second and third floors. Occupying the first floor, the ‘Workshops of Knowledge’, will be the intellectual archives of these museums, parts of which are classified as UNESCO World Heritage assets. They will be joined by the Humboldt Universityís Humboldt-Lab and the exhibition World.City.Berlin by the Federal State of Berlin.


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