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The perfect loudspeaker series for elegant, architectural room integration and for mobile use. Sophisticatedly developed with all-round convincing sound characteristics, even in acoustically difficult environments.



Convertible Line Array Speaker

The K&F SPECTRA 212 is a compact, three-way, high-performance top that provides very high performance with the best possible dispersion in a compact form factor. Thanks to the integrated K&F VariQ technology, the K&F SPECTRA 212 can be used as a point source as well as in a cluster as a line source. To this end, the patented K&F VariQ unit is rotated 90° in just a few steps to switch between point source and line source operation. The two different radiation characteristics N (60° x 30°) and XW (120° x 30°) enable an exact adaptation to the local conditions.

The absolutely exemplary radiation behaviour in both operating modes makes the K&F SPECTRA 212 ideal as a tool for demanding sound reinforcement tasks, especially in acoustically difficult environments. The three-way system features two 12” woofers in a bass-reflex cabinet, six 5” mid-range speakers in a closed cabinet, and four 1” compression drivers on a K&F Waveformer. The result of this assembly is an extremely distortion-free reproduction in the entire frequency spectrum. The K&F SPECTRA 212 is powered by the proven K&F SystemAmp power amplifiers. They equalise the box with two amp channels, which ensures the best possible performance and reliability.

The design of the K&F SPECTRA 212 provides a sonically impressive experience. All details of the source material are transmitted to the audience transparently and in detail. The large dynamic range and very high achievable levels allow for versatile applications. From small club gigs to large sound systems – the system’s sound remains absolutely neutral in every situation.
With its compact dimensions and low weight of 48 kg, the K&F SPECTRA 212 can easily be put into operation by two people. The size and weight of a box correspond to about half of classic horn systems, while the acoustic output is the same. The required truck load volume is thus reduced by almost 50 % with the K&F SPECTRA 212.

In point-source mode, a K&F SPECTRA 212 emits 60° horizontally and +5/-25° vertically. This makes it possible to use a K&F SPECTRA 212 as a single high performance top. The asymmetrical vertical radiation facilitates alignment with the audience and reduces unwanted ceiling reflections.

In line-source mode, a K&F SPECTRA 212 emits 30° horizontally and 60° vertically. With the housing angles and the integrated and unobtrusive connection mechanism, arrays of up to six K&F SPECTRA 212 units can be horizontally clustered and flown. The system adapts to the requirements, depending on the desired coverage and maximum sound pressure. The flexibility and high dynamics achieved in this form for the first time make the K&F SPECTRA 212 a modern, extremely powerful and precise sound system in the premium segment.


K&F SPECTRA Accessories


K&F SPECTRA 212 Connector
Connecting element between two K&F SPECTRA 212
Allows for creating a horizontal array from several K&F SPECTRA 212.
Weight: 1.3 kg
Item No.:
black: 36169
K&F SPECTRA 212 Flybar Connector horizontal
Connecting element between two K&F SPECTRA 212 with fixture for 'K&F SPECTRA 212 Flybar Connector' and 'K&F VIDA L Load Adapter'.
Allows for creating a horizontal array from several K&F SPECTRA 212.
Weight: 2.6 kg
Item No.:
black: 36167
K&F SPECTRA 212 Flybar Connector vertical
For installation at the top K&F SPECTRA 212 speaker to adapt the K&F SPECTRA 212 Flybar for a vertical array.
Weight: 4.5 kg
Item No.:
black: 36168
K&F SPECTRA 212 Sub Adapter
For mounting a K&F SPECTRA 212 onto a K&F subwoofer
Weight: 3.1 kg
Item No.:
black: 36170
K&F SPECTRA 212 Flybar
Connector for a single strand suspension of a K&F SPECTRA 212 array, in conjunction with 'K&F SPECTRA 212 Flybar Connector horizontally' or with 'K&F SPECTRA 212 Flybar Connector' vertically.
Weight: 6.5 kg
Item No.:
black: 36166
K&F SPECTRA 212 Transport cover
Transport with castors for the safe transport of a K&F SPECTRA 212 loudspeaker and for a more comfortable setup of a vertical K&F SPECTRA 212 array.
Weight: 11.3 kg
Item No.:
black: 36165
K&F SPECTRA 212 Protective cover
Weatherproof protective cover for the transport of a K&F SPECTRA 212 loudspeaker.
Item No.:
black: 36179
K&F SPECTRA 212 Singlebar
Connector for a single strand suspension of a single K&F SPECTRA 212 loudspeaker.
Weight: 1.0 kg
Item No.:
black: 36171
K&F Rotation Clamp 450
With 50-mm clamp for mounting to a truss or pipe (diameter: 48 – 51 mm).
Alternatively, the 'K&F Rotation Clamp 450' can also be supplied with a clamp size for diameters of 60 mm.
Weight: 50-mm type: 2.9 kg, 60-mm type: 3.1 kg
Item No.:
black 50 mm: 36151
black 60 mm: 36152
K&F SPECTRA 212 & VIDA L Load Adapter
Used for mounting on a 'K&F SPECTRA 212 Flybar Connector Horizontal' or 'K&F SPECTRA 212 Flybar Connector vertikal'.
Item No.:
black: 36114