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The perfect loudspeaker series for elegant, architectural room integration and for mobile use. Sophisticatedly developed with all-round convincing sound characteristics, even in acoustically difficult environments.



Make things happen

VIDA stands for ‘versatile intelligent digital array’. The aim of the VIDA L development is to explore from the outset what is technically feasible and to implement this as a groundbreaking innovation.

Push it to the limit

A total of 48 DSP and Class D power amplifier channels are distributed on three loudspeaker routes in a coaxial arrangement. Each VIDA L module is equipped with six 6.5″ woofer chassis, twelve 3.5″ mid-range drivers and thirty-two 1″ dome tweeters. For the beam steering, typical artefacts of up to 10 kHz are avoided in combination with the special waveguide system. Incredible, but true – as of now live to see!

The whole spectrum

Through active allocation of the frequency spectrum to each optimised woofer, mid-range and tweeter chassis, dynamic playback of up to 60 Hz can be achieved. In this way, the VIDA L meets all the requirements of a full-range system. If required, the optional VIDA C module that can be mounted on the back of the VIDA L can further extend the low frequency range or, alternatively, can optimise the system’s low frequency radiation in cardioid mode. An auxiliary DSP output is available for the expansion of subwoofers. Any questions – or better overshoot now with VIDA L?

Safety first

VIDA L offers all common input variants such as DANTE, AES3 and analogue. In case of a fault the two stage fallback concept switches to a substitute signal. All loudspeakers within an array are connected to each other via an Ethernet cable and are automatically recognised and grouped in the software. With VIDA L security is paramount and redefined!

One plus one is three

The high-quality and subtly hidden connection mechanics of the VIDA L, which has been kept lean, can be used easily and safely. Using the optional flying frame, individual and coupled elements can be vertically flown or mechanically tilted forward. The inclination of the system is thereby recognised via the integrated goniometer and is fed into the calculation of the beam steering algorithm. All calculations and adjustments are made in real time! A touch-based, native app is available for operation (at least Win 8.1). Everything for an optimal and precise real-time controlling!

Controllable, loud, audiophile

VIDA L for high-quality, fixed installations and also for demanding mobile applications. The incredible perfect solution!




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VIDA L Mounting Bracket/Handhold
for rear mounting on the VIDA L mounting rail. Easy handling and mountable on a traverse due to the ergonomic handhold with supplied brackets. Scope of supply: 2 x Handhold, 2 x Bracket incl. specific screws.
VIDA L Wall Bracket (Fixed Installation)
for vertical mounting to suitable walls (without VIDA C only)
VIDA L Sub-Adapter
Mounting plate for secure placement of a VIDA L or VIDA L/C configuration onto K&F subwoofer with K&M mounting plate M20, horizontally rotateable
VIDA L Carrier Plate
for mounting VIDA L speakers to Excellent Line D4 Stand set from H.O.F. Alutec
Link to: H.O.F. Alutec
for safe and secure transport of a VIDA C unit including subwoofer expander and other accessories. Available on request.
VIDA L Flying Bracket
Flying bracket for up to 4 x VIDA L or 4 x VIDA L + VIDA C, 0° angulation (fixed)
VIDA L Flying Frame
Flying frame for up to 8 x VIDA L or 8 x VIDA L + VIDA C
VIDA L Flying Frame Extension
for enlarging the front capacity in combination with the VIDA L Flying Frame
VIDA L Flying Frame Connector Set
for attaching a VIDA L flying frame under a VIDA L speaker for dual-train rigging
K&F Rotation Clamp 450 with 50 mm Bracket (HC823)
Load capacity max. 450 kg, use for Flying Frame K&F VIDA L (not in combination with VIDA L Flying Bracket), K&F SEQUENZA 5 and K&F SEQUENZA 10
K&F Rotation Clamp 450 with 60 mm Bracket (HC823)
Load capacity max. 450 kg, use for Flying Frame K&F VIDA L (not in combination with VIDA L Flying Bracket), K&F SEQUENZA 5 and K&F SEQUENZA 10
H.O.F. Alutec Excellent Line Designstele
Link to: H.O.F. Alutec
VIDA M Carrier Plate
for mounting maximum one VIDA M speaker to "DesignStele K&F VIDA L"
VIDA M Stand Adapter
for permanent installation to the VIDA M 110 / 110 S. Indoor use only.
VIDA M Flying Frame
for permanent mounting of VIDA M 110/110 S and VIDA M 220/220 S indoor.
VIDA M Wall Bracket
for permanent mounting of VIDA M 110/110 S and VIDA M 220/220 S indoor.
VIDA M Mounting Adapter
for use with VIDA M 110 / 110 S and VIDA M 220 / 220 S speakers. It is designed for permanent attachment to the speaker and allows for mounting other accessories, thus ensuring flexible mobile use of the speaker.
VIDA M Truss Adapter Set
For using the Truss Adapter Set, you need two VIDA M mounting adapters (sold separately). Using the VIDA M Truss Adapter Set, you can attach a VIDA M 110 / 110 S or VIDA M 220 / 220 S speaker either vertically or horizontally to a truss or tube with a diameter of approx. 50 mm.
VIDA M Connector Panel
The VIDA M connector panel provides ports for power supply, audio, and network signals. It can be mounted to any VIDA M speaker. The panel makes establishing and separating connections simple and is particularly useful in mobile use (for example, with rental applications).