Loudspeaker Products


The perfect loudspeaker series for elegant, architectural room integration and for mobile use. Sophisticatedly developed with all-round convincing sound characteristics, even in acoustically difficult environments.



Compact performance

In all areas, weight is crucial. In pro.RENTAL business, maximum performance and lightness are what counts. This saves costs and everyone is happy to work with it. The effectiveness is increased and the work is made easier. This is where the GRAVIS range meets the widest range of requirements every day and without compromise. Anything that is visible should be integrated optically. In the mid-high range, all systems have rotatable horn-driver combinations with a defined dispersion pattern and guarantee a homogeneous distribution of sound. The special polyurea coating, the extremely stable grille, as well as feet at all standing areas make the GRAVIS series robust against mechanical influences and exceptionally suitable for everyday use. As always, the accessory has also been optimised to the finest detail for practical use – such as through fast and tool-free assembly of the swivel bracket on the system. Advantages which the K&F GRAVIS perfectly combines. Rock on!

Natural sound

K&F GRAVIS is a true Kling & Freitag speaker with a neutral and natural sound. The highest quality standards in reproduction for all styles of music, maximum speech intelligibility and a thrilling live performance are the acoustic features of the GRAVIS product line. All models from the new K&F GRAVIS range combine the multifunctional and extremely compact form with the modern and subtle design. Major differences!

Product overview

GRAVIS 8 W: 8″/1″ 85° x 55° (H x V)
GRAVIS 12+ N: 12″/1.4″ 65° x 50° (H x V)
GRAVIS 12+ W: 12″/1.4″ 90° x 50° (H x V)
GRAVIS 12+ XW: 12″/1.4″ 110° x 50° (H x V)
GRAVIS 15 N: 15″/1.4″ 65° x 50° (H x V)
GRAVIS 15 W: 15″/1.4″ 90° x 50° (H x V)
GRAVIS 15 XW: 15″/1.4″ 110° x 50° (H x V)





Adjustable Speaker Mount GRAVIS
including fasteners
Colour: black
U-Mount Wall / Ceiling Bracket GRAVIS
including fasteners
Colour: black
Distance Rod short (M20)
Colour: RAL 9005 (black), RAL special colour
Stand Socket M10
to connect the Adjustable Speaker Mount to a loudspeaker stand, including M10 x 25 screw, washer and lock washer in black
Colour: black
Pipe clamp for TV Spigot
fits on 35 to 50 mm tube, loadable 50 kg max.
Colour: black
TV spigot 20 mm
with M10 threaded pin, for TV spigot adapter M8 and adjustable speaker mount
Colour: chrome
Lifting Pin
for fast pinning with the K&F VariPoint
Colour: black
Adjustable wall mount 50
tilt- and pan, max. load 50 kg
Colour: RAL 9005 (black), RAL 9010 (white) or RAL special colour
M10 x 17 Eyebolt
Colour: black
Protective Cover GRAVIS
protects the speaker enclosures during transport
Colour: black