‘Weltmusik Festival 2015’ – Rudolstadt

Whether you are a newcomer or a repeat offender, almost all visitors will find the variety of Rudolstadt festival simply overwhelming. The national German ‘ZEIT’ newspaper wrote that it is ìdepending on your inclination towards World Pop, Dance Orgy or the ethnic music of Bayreuth, describing the enormous range by which the festival is known. It is one of the largest and most prestigious world music festivals in Europe: For four days, there are about 300 performances by 150 bands and solo artists. This range of concerts, workshops and talks attracts up to 25,000 visitors a day.

The audience in Rudolstadt has experienced global pop from Spain and the vocal play of the Inuit, classical Iranian percussion and techno-trance from Turkey, Norwegian folk rock and German-Lebanese Ethno Jazz. Here, newcomers from all over the world stand alongside established names from the roots, folk and world music scene, masters of traditional styles mixing with artists that set future trends.

The musical richness, its contrasts and cross-genre projects provide plenty of space for new discoveries and add to the unique charm of the festival. Add to this the summer scenery of the Thuringian town located directly on the Saale river, where the Heinepark lies with two main stages surrounded by greenery, the Heidecksburg castle sits high above the town providing concerts with panoramic views and the intimate settings of the local churches and theatres play host at some of our most popular venues. Overall, more than 20 stages are spread over the entire town. Many crowd pleasers include the concerts of the RUTH German World Music Awards, the appearance of the Saalfeld-Rudolstadt Symphony Orchestra and, of course, the many differing varieties of buskers.


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