Albertina Passage Dinner Club – Vienna

The modification works of the Albertina Passage, closed since November 2009, took seven months. The former run-down pedestrian underpass right near the national opera in Vienna has developed to a delicate tavern with live music and gourmet cuisine. A tavern for 300 guests on 1.500 square meters had been created by the works.

The central point is a stage in white color, surrounded by noble seating loges. The bar area is equally dominated by elegant white color. The walls may be presented in different colors.

The “Member‘s Room” (a separate smoking area) is exclusively reserved for club members. The whole sound system was realized with the loudspeaker technology of Kling & Freitag. The furniture of the establishment in prominent location has been especially designed for the stylish club which is open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday from 5 p.m. to 4 a.m. “There will be live music until midnight,” says the operator Matthias Kamp of “Sunshine Enterprises”.

Afterwards a DJ is in charge of the further program. The Dinnerclub wants to appeal “grown-up public”, such as guests of the Hotels of the Ringstrasse, business people, visitors of theaters and of the national opera but also revelers.


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