All systems from the K&F pro.RENTAL range are designed for mobile use. Flexible, reliable and with professional fittings. Handles to make handling easier, and feet positioned where they are needed. The black coating is made of polyurea and is, therefore, more resilient than any other paint. Thought out mechanically and designed for long-term use. The pro.RENTAL series is distinguished acoustically by the best sound characteristics at maximum performance. The carefully selected neodymium chassis deliver optimum results and also meet the highest standards. K&F pro.RENTAL - impressive presentation!

All K&F pro.RENTAL systems can be easily combined with the K&F SystemAmps as a drive and control unit. For maximum performance and effective protection. The presets include the parameters for each loudspeaker in order to achieve an optimum result. This guarantees the user consistent and reproducible results of high quality with marked high system performance. All in all - K&F pro.RENTAL are the ideal sound systems for mobile use with unlimited possibilities.



Extra musical performance

The new K&F NOMOS subwoofers combine two highly welcome features – significant musicality paired with astounding performance. The acoustic tuning of all subwoofers achieves deep and very contoured bass reproduction. The systems that are fitted with 15” and 18” chassis, with housings that were designed for truck dimensions, are compatible with each other so can also be combined as cardioid systems. A clear design language, which is maintained in all combinations, was implemented. The speakON® chassis plug, which conceals the cabling in the cardioid application behind the rotatable logo, is also suitable for this. Everything deeply impressive!

Better bass

The NOMOS series has six different high-performance subwoofers of the highest standard. The appropriate drive is in installations using the K&F SystemAmps of the D series and is in mobile use on the models K&F PLM 12k44 or PLM 20k44, which guarantee optimal use with the K&F full-range systems of the GRAVIS series and the line arrays of the SEQUENZA series. Subwoofer systems of the K&F NOMOS range are exceptionally efficient tools that offer the professional what is really important – an impressive foundation for any direction of music – with precision and musicality. Good vibrations!

Product overview

NOMOS LS II:1 x 15″Omni
NOMOS LT:2 x 15″Omni
NOMOS XLS:1 x 18″Omni
NOMOS XLT:2 x 18″Omni
NOMOS XLC:3 x 18″Cardioid



  • High performance 1 x 18″ subwoofer
  • K&F SystemAmps are required for use
  • Frequency response 29 Hz (-10 dB)
  • Maximum sound pressure level of 136 dB (SPL peak/1 m/half space)


Bass reflex system
Operation with
K&F PLM+ Series, K&F D Series
K&F SystemRack1
Lower cut-off frequency
29 Hz (-10 dB)
33 Hz (-3 dB)
Coverage angles nominal
Omnidirectional (a cluster of 3 can be driven in cardioid or in combination with K&F NOMOS XLT)
Power handling nominal
750 watts
Power handling program
1,500 watts
Power handling peak
3,000 watts
Max. SPL
136 dB (SPL peak/1 m/half space)
Impedance nominal
8 Ω
18″ subwooferchassis, 57 mm peak-to-peak excursion, inside and outside ventilated voice coil gap for reduced power compression, aluminium demodulation ring for very low distortion
2 x speakON® 4-pol NLT4MP (+1/-1) (back)
1 x speakON® 4-pol NLT4MP (+1/-1) (front)
IN parallel to OUT
15 mm birch multiplex with highly resilient Polyurea synthetic coating in RAL 9005 (black), 8 ergonomical butterfly handles, 8 non-abrasive plastic sliders, 8 stacking grooves for save stacking of NOMOS XLS, NOMOS XLT and Line 212, 2 locking profiles for optional transport cover with 4 x 100 mm transport castors, additional speakON®-connector hidden behind the rotatable logo on the front grille, ballproof steel grille with black acoustic foam behind the grille
Dimensions (W x H x D)
591 x 591 x 740 mm (including Castors)
41.3 kg
RAL 9005 (black)
RAL Special Colour
'Suspension' with 3 K&F VariPoints
1 Discontinued