Danube Island Festival – Vienna

Satisfied faces at the 27th Danube Island Festival: The biggest open-air festival of Europe enjoyed this year not only best summer weather but also a new visitors record with three million visitors – after the three days event the organizers spoke self-confidently of the “party of the year”, and many visitors might share this view. The main sound system of the FM4/Planet-stage consisted of two hangs of 15 SEQUENZA units each. Behind each array six SEQUENZA 10 B have been flown in some distance taking into account the inclined area, and their disposition and control was appropriate to reach hypercardioid coverage characteristics. Two triple SEQUENZA 10 B packages with hypercardioid coverage were placed in addition at the front edge of the stage in the towers, and on the floor in front of the stage there were installed 6 x 2 NOMOS XLC as bass line with cardioid coverage. For the outfill of the very wide area, system technician David Ludz (Kling & Freitag) had chosen arrays of six SEQUENZA 10 (4 x N, 2 x W) each. The first spectator rows right in front of the 14 x 12 meter stage were supplied by CA 1515 as frontfills.


K&F Line 212
K&F SW 215E
K&F CA 1515
K&F SystemRacks