Bregenz Festival 2019


To date the production of Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi at the 74th Bregenz Festival 2019 has drawn a quarter of a million spectators. Due to the success of the production, as well as the unanimous critical acclaim, the opera will continue to be performed through to the end of summer 2020.

The Bregenz Festival has gained global attention for its unique setting, with 7000 spectators seated on shore facing a floating stage on Lake Constance, the world’s largest stage of its kind. The venue has defined the Festival from its inception in 1946, and has been further developed and refined over its long life, ultimately creating one of Europe’s premiere cultural events.

Sensational, extra-ordinary and refreshing, the production of Rigoletto has also been acclaimed for its technical brilliance. The immersive sound experience mesmerizes audiences, delivering both the sheer power and intimate delicacy of Verdi’s dramatic score.

The newly developed sound system is the BOA 2.0, which stands for Bregenz Open Acoustics. It utilizes 29 masts, each equipped with 3 K&F SPECTRA 212 convertible array speakers to address 3 individual audience tiers. Near-field coverage is supplied by a K&F CA 1001 CX, a custom designed coaxial speaker that was designed specifically for this event. The entire 3-dimensional, immersive sound system is controlled by the VIVACE electronic acoustics processor by MÜLLER-BBM.

Controlled and precise coverage were the crucial factors that lead to the choice of KLING & FREITAG speakers. In comparison to other manufacturers, KLING & FREITAG’s SPECTRA 212’s convertible array speakers showed the least bleed of sound immediately below the speakers. This was key to ensuring clarity in every seat.

The new KLING & FREITAG SPECTRA 212 speakers – along with the custom designed CA 1001 CX coaxial speaker – have realized the highest standard in festival sound, creating a unique, immersive sound experience. Through quality products, engineering, and customer service, K&F has brought world-class sound to a world-class festival.


„„In order to create an immersive sound experience for the extremely wide audience stands of the lake venue, the speakers must meet a number of key parameters. Expansive testing on site at the lake as well as at our lab has proven that the KLING & FREITAG solution meets our goal to provide exceptional coverage and sound quality. The final installation significantly exceeded those expectations.““

Gunter Engel
Graduate physicist, Müller-BBM GmbH

„Bregenz Festival didn’t shy away from the cost – a hefty 2.5 million euros – of completely renewing an innovative 15-year-old Bregenz Open Acoustics system and taking it to the next level. The existing speaker ribbon was replaced by 29 speaker masts. What was performing excellently before sounds phenomenal now.“

Charles E. Ritterband



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