Velodrom Berlin

The Velodrom in Berlin is undoubtedly an impressive event venue. With a self-supporting steel roof structure with a span of 115 meters, it is the largest of its kind in Europe. The impressive hall with a total diameter of 142 meters offers space for up to 12,000 visitors. A highlight in the event calendar is undoubtedly the renowned Berlin Six Day Race, which is held on the 250 meter long cycle track made of Siberian spruce. But the Velodrome is not only a venue for high-class cycling, but also acts as a stage for a wide range of events, including corporate events, television shows and performances by top international acts such as AC/DC, Peter Gabriel, Rammstein and Robbie Williams.

Given these versatile usage options, the requirements for the sound reinforcement solution are particularly demanding. The challenge of ensuring clear transmission of announcements in the middle of a six-day race with thousands of whistles and enthusiastic cycling fans is by no means trivial. In addition to excellent speech intelligibility, the sound system must also meet the highest standards of sound quality for concerts or television shows.

Christoph Wöhler, Senior Consultant at Kling & Freitag, remembers: “Fine-tuning the system in the velodrome was an extremely demanding task. The room certainly has an acoustic life of its own, which is why extremely directional loudspeakers are required. Thanks to SPECTRA, we can precisely control where Sound energy should arrive and where it should not, so that the room is stimulated as little as possible. The result after the fine tuning is convincing in every respect. Speech intelligibility is excellent, the impulse is clear and precise – the system meets the highest demands. I am extremely satisfied and wish the Velodrom team lots of fun with our SPECTRA loudspeakers.”


„The Kling & Freitag SPECTRA 212 loudspeakers fulfill their tasks excellently in the Velodrom. The speech intelligibility and sound quality are first-class. In everyday life we can rely on the sound system components without having to constantly deal with them. The solution from Kling & Freitag works smoothly, be it at cycling events, corporate events or concerts. Our sound system is there, and has been continuously since the first minute.“

Tobias Wiggert
technical project manager at Velomax GmbH