Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival – Kiel

The renowned Schleswig-Holstein music festival is organizing three Selma concerts on July 28, 29 and 30, 2009. This is a nice occasion to hear Selma‘s poems in a musical version. The participants: Hannelore Elsner (recitation of poems), Thomas D, Joy Denalane, Volkan Baydar (Orange Blue), Stefanie Kloss (Silbermond), Sarah Connor and many others.

The CD “Selma – In Sehnsucht eingehüllt” (“enwrapped in yearning”) was created – the interpreters are accompanied by the David Klein Sextet, consisting of: David Klein (sax), René Mosele (trombone), Christian Gutfleisch (piano), Thomas Lähns (bass), Lorenz Hunziker (drums), Michael Wipf (percussion) plus 23 string players of the Conservatoire Lübeck, directed by Rainer Bartesch.

Within the scope of the project “SELMA”, Step21 organized a national writing contest named “What does Selma mean to me?” last year. In the center was Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger, a young Jewish poet who died in December 1942 in the German labor camp Michailowska – at the age of only 18 years.

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