Town Hall Vienna

Just in time for the New Years Eve ball 2008 – the new Kling & Freitag sound system in the ballroom of the Vienna town hall was ready for use. 32 pieces CA 1001 in 100-V technology, played by in total 8 pieces of Lab.gruppen C20 power amplifiers, ensured a well-balanced, fulminant sound experience in the ballroom which is classified as historical building.

In order to meet the high requirements of the historical building authorities and of the sound technicians of the MA 34, special fastenings had been designed for the precise positioning of the speakers.

The team around Gustav Wirtl and Horst Pfaffelmayer, together with Siegfried Gundelmayer was in charge of the installation of the speakers and also the measuring and the adjustment of delay times. Simultaneously with the installation of the Kling & Freitag speakers, the old analogue audio distribution and transmission system was substituted by a modern digital bus solution.

The concept was developed and realized in cooperation with the sound technicians of the MA 34 Johannes Nodale and the chief of department, the engineer Christian Schebesta.


K&F CA 1001